Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm back! (With some beginner animated goodies!)


I understand it's been a while since my last few posts, but I was gone for a good reason. Recently, I've been studying animation in college, and it's consumed most of my time. Seeing as I have a three week vacation, however, I might as well post two animation assignments I have here for your enjoyment. ;P

This was our final assignment in my animation course: a jump cycle in which we could animate the model in anyway we choose. I understand there's no texture and very poor lighting in this video, but I hope the animation is good enough to see.

This was one other assignment: a walk cycle, featuring a spherical robot with two legs (I call him Derby.:P) walking continuously for 8 seconds.

These animations were done in Autodesk Maya 2013. Even though I still have a lot to learn about animation, I still feel proud of these creations. Shoot me some feedback; even negative ones. =P I'd like to know what you think.

See ya around,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fan Art: For Scott Pilgrim(?) And Spiderman


A while back, I wanted to sketch my own Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman (which would be the guy hanging next to our favourite webhead.) His name is Vincent Chen. He's an 18 year old Chinese bassist from Toronto, part of a band made up of his friends; Tori O' Loughlin, Travis Connors, Tiffany Miyagi, and Marcus Stone. They're called Crash Course to The Top, and though they just play at parties hosted by their school's rampant jocks and punks, they never disappoint at a show.

One night at a show, Vince meets a girl who he thought was beautiful. Her name is Katrina, and while he was playing with his band, Katrina's mystical pet spider (who just so happens to be disguising as a scrunchy in Katrina's hair) bites Vince at the back of his neck, giving him spider powers. After the show, and a visitation to a supernatural world called The Afterlife Nexus, Vince learns that Katrina is to marry one of the five Lords of the AN, as ordered by her mother, Queen Riel. With no say into her own situation, she proposes that if she could find a champion to fight on her behalf, she would not have to marry any of the five non-human lords of the AN, if her champion could defeat the five lords all together. Is Vince capable of facing this challenge? You know, I have no idea. :P

Originally, this fan-made character was supposed to be a fan boy's tribute to Spiderman and Scott Pilgrim in some ways. Vince does have similar powers to Peter Parker, but with some similarities and differences; Vince studies Chemistry at Seneca College, Toronto, and like Parker, he is a genius. He uses his vast knowledge of chemicals to compose different types of webbing, including impact webbing, combustible webbing, etc. However, despite using web shooters for his vast array of different webbing, Vince, unlike Peter, can shoot organic webbing from his wrists, at the cost of feeling arthritis like pain in the wrists if over used. & yes, his spidey costume looks like a shinobi outfit at the torso, but that was my idea anyway. His gloves also have brass knuckles for an added pain factor to his punches.

That's all I got for now.

-See ya,
Adam "WildCard" Olaez.

Monday, May 16, 2011

AxelGrease: The Crystalix Armor & Trey Dechant.


It's been yet another long period of time since my last update. But yeah, I bring you another AxleGrease armor: the Crystalix armor. Utilizing a rare, reflective and sharp mineral known as crystalix, the armor is capable of deflecting oncoming energy related projectiles, thanks to the crystalix shield. Its offensive capabilities are just as powerful, with the ability to form a sword and launch crystallized projectiles from its arm gun. Despite its lack of explosives, however, the crystalix can ignite into fire, which is great for napalm, given the right circumstances.

The artwork above him is Trey Dechant, our hero. This Canadian-Filipino 16 year old is a Straight A's talented wallflower, who stumbles upon the AxelGrease weapon after a party one faithful night. His intelligence is matched by his father, but is overlooked and dismissed by many. He is a bassist for his band the Hunks of Metal, and shares a deep connection with his mother, and his childhood friend, Jane. Suicide crowded his mind frequently with the vague attention he receives, but with the AxelGrease weapon bonded to his DNA, Trey made an oath to protect the people from the many threats Earth would soon face, whether they knew it was Trey or not.

That's all for now. Currently working on a Heavy Weapons armor. ;)


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In need of a challenge.


I've probably asked this before, but I'll say this again. I get bored REALLY easily once my homework is done. If anyone wants, I'm willing to do a vectorized portrait of yourselves. Any specific detail that you want in the portrait can be done as well.... within reasonable limits. Soooo, e-mail me if you want one. I can be reached at Thrill me. ;P


Saturday, February 12, 2011

WebComic: NovaStream


I haven't updated this blog for a long time, what with high school and its drama and everything. But I'm here to say that me, a few good friends of mine named Gianluca (The writer), Michael, and Jamie are currently in production of a webcomic called NovaStream, with me as the artist.

Novastream takes place in 2060, where gaming has gone down the toilet. barely anyone plays video games anymore. that is, until a new MMO called Overworld has been announced and 5 lucky beta testers from each country are chosen in a lottery to make history in the alternate reality game where your weapons are your favourite games. representing Canada (Novastream) is Gianluca, the team leader, Adam, the brains, twins Jamie and Michael, the scouts, and Caitlin, the saboteur. their loadouts are known as G-Links or "Game Links" that connect to their games and raise their stats, with weapons being their most effective, transformations being their most resourcefull and summons being their life savers. everything is going perfect in the first area, until a cyber terrorist group known as Omaga Code create Zero or a "world fusion" that fuses the game world with the real world. calamity breaks out, but hope is not lost and Novastream (along with all the other beta testers) set to make things right. in a world where game over means GAME OVER, any single wrong move could spell death, but our heroes aren't worried about that. they still think they have extra lives
playtime is never over

Updates on the comic can be found on this RoosterTeeth group page. If you got a RoosterTeeth account, support us by joining the group.

That's all for now. Wish us luck. :)


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

That's right.

I made a Mario Bros. Christmas picture. :P Merry Christmas everyone. :)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Art: Max Volume


So, while playing a game of BattleToads (the arcade version, mind you) followed by Banjo Tooie, then listening to Guns N' Roses afterwards, I somehow managed to create this character.

Meet Max Powers, famous rock star, hardcore bar fighter, and son of famous yet loony scientist Dr. Vince Powers. One day, while rocking out with his guitar in his room, Max hears a scream of terror from his girlfriend Jessie, only to discover that she was kidnapped by some goth punk named Jasper “Obscured” Cramer. After beating up some of his lackeys, a witch (who teams up with Jasper) kicks Max’s ass, kidnaps his dad, takes some of his equipment, and escapes through a portal to another world with Jessie and Dr. Powers. NOT cool, man!!!!

After waking up from his coma, Max is willing to rescue his dad and his girlfriend. But how? He can’t make a portal like the witch did. Just then, he picks up a note from his father, telling him to go to the basement. There, he meets a deactivated robot named VOLUME (Versatile Operational Lifeform Used for Masterful Exploration.) Together, the pair activate Dr. Powers’ experimental portal device and travel to the same world Max’s girl and dad are held captive. With the help of a magical (yet totally hot) fairy named Sarah, Can they rescue them? Well duh, dude. It’s time… let’s crank this party to MAX VOLUME!!!!!

Props to you if you have discovered the grammatical pun. ;)

See ya,